I work primarily with small – some very small – businesses. If you would like some help with current issues, or need to plan for the future then joining one of our groups could provide just the level of support you need.

We have taken the keys to business growth, and built a short series of workshops around those. Working in small groups with other business owners you will be able to analyse the problems and opportunities that are most relevant to you, and learn how to deal with those in the most efficient way. Participants get all the help they need – from me and from each other – and are then able to deal with future challenges in a much more focused way. That is the path to real growth.

There are 5 core workshops, delivered in 5 2-hour sessions over the course of 5 months. Then the group meets again for a sixth session to map out specific strategies for implementation of the points that have come up in the coaching. We concentrate in each session on making the theory relevant to the participants, allowing time for real-life examples from the group, and enough discussion to ensure clarity. There are never more than 6 business owners or managers in any series, and everyone is encouraged to contribute. The overall feel is of learning in a very supportive environment, so even if it’s years since you have participated in formal education you will be made very welcome.