Skills or Motivation?

Which is more important for Business Success?


I was listening to a coach a couple of weeks ago who drew a distinction between the skills of a business owner and their motivation. Which was more important he asked?

In the opinion of this business coach, by far the most important aspect was the motivation. He went on to give some examples of where having the right skills did not lead to success. And I could think of a few of my own. After all, we all know that it is possible to be extremely knowledgeable on a subject, but then lack the impetus to follow through. Then you get nowhere, and you’ve ‘failed’. What is needed is motivation.

Motivation and goal setting are hugely important and interesting subjects and I’ve got plenty to say on both those subjects. In the coming weeks I will share more on that.

But for now I would like to make the point that I don’t think we should underestimate the importance of some key skills in building a business. It sounds so obvious but if people think that they can succeed solely with the right degree of motivation, and that they can completely outsource the skills part – well that’s an attractive message isn’t it? It sounds so easy, so seductive – if I want it enough it will happen, and I don’t even have to learn anything to get there…Is it though?